Skin Treatments For Men

Before writing this 1st article for men, I asked one of my male friend on which topic should I write an article for men ? :/  He replied ,”Write an article on how to handle our girlfriend…”. I mean seriously, doesn’t boys have  any another topic to discuss about. I said ,”I think you should … Continue reading Skin Treatments For Men


10 best benefits of Onion over Skin and Hair

An onion is also known as ‘pyaz‘ in Hindi, ‘Nirulli / Ullipayalu / Yerra Gaddalu’ in Telugu, ‘Savala‘ in Malayalam, ‘Vaengayam‘ in Tamil, ‘Ulligadde / Erulli / Neeruli’ in Kannada, ‘Pyajj / Piyaz’ in Bengali, ‘Dungri / Kanda’ in Gujarati , ‘Kandaa’ in Marathi  is a daily must-have veggie that helps you stay away from many infections and diseases. Never mind the tears onions bring on-they are an ace ally in your fight against disease. SKIN BENEFITS … Continue reading 10 best benefits of Onion over Skin and Hair