MONSOON….! When it comes to rainy season , we observe our skin  unpredictably  changing – sometimes it get  too oily which leads to pimples, acne breakouts and sometimes  too dry and stretched because of dehydration. The acidic nature of rain water leads to excessive hair fall and dandruff also. So just to resolve all skin and hair problems in this season , you must have to follow this special regime.

  • Skin:
  1. Wash your face thrice in a day with face wash only, stop using soap on face if you still using it. You can skip face wash once in a day, use a mixture of gram flour, milk and rose water except using any face wash but only once in a day. The face wash  I recommend is Himalaya neem face Wash.
  • 2. Obviously daily shower is must , if taken twice a day then it is even better. Use antifungal soap  for body wash in rainy season specially, do not use it on face. You can use Himalaya or Dettol etc antifungal soaps better if they include tea tree oil in it.

3. Follow a routine of cleansing , toning and moisturizing. After cleansing put toner and then moisturize your skin.

4. Toning is must, b’coz you might found open pores in between nose and cheeks. This is the toner which I use and recommend Lotus Basil and Cucumber toner.

5. Moisturize your skin properly, if you have oily skin problem then it’s better for you to use water based moisturizer available in Nivea, Lotus, Neutrogena, L’Oreal Paris etc… The one I prefer is Ever forever Lacto Calamine.

6. Do not forget to use sunscreen , whether it’s not sunny outside but UV rays are still there to affect skin. I recommend these products Lotus and Neutrogena for face and Nivea for Body.

7. Keep your skin dry as long hours of wetness can cause infections.

  • Hair:
    1. The first tip for hair care in monsoon is try to keep your hair dry. B’coz acidic rain water tends to extreme hair fall and dandruff.
    2. Do Wash your hair regularly atleast in two days gap but do not go strong on shampoo and conditioner.
    3. Go for head massage once in two weeks for hair protection.
    4. Do not tie up your hair, it may cause your hair more frizzier , you can go for loose pony tails or buns if necessary.
    5. Do not comb wet hair, use wide tooth comb, it will detangled hair nicely.
    6. Eat foods that are rich in iron , protein like walnuts, dahi, spinach etc.
    7. Try to Make hair masks at home with homey ingredients.

At the end, I will suggest to use natural ingredient products. Suggesting one more Combo below of Patanjali Aloe Vera as it is the best ingredient for both skin and hair. You can Click on images to get more info. I will be back soon with new topic till then take care of your skin and hair, Do enjoy rain , But once or twice 😉 Have Happy and Healthy Monsoon……!


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