Yes Yes… There are various types of jeans in men’s fashion too. Before research on this I was also thinking like What’s in Men’s jeans , they all wear same jeans and repeat a single denim over a week!!! Haha.. 😉

But no Men also has so many choices. Here are top 6 denims I’m introducing which are in trends of 2017.

  1. Faded Jeans :

The less you wash , the more it will look cool. That’s what you will be happy about. The faded jeans gives a washed out texture with vintage look. It goes with printed T-shirts.  It was also very popular in 2016 and hitting 2017.


  1. Skinny Jeans :

Skinny or slim cuts jeans are in trends. The  tighter in the leg opening, the more you can show off your shoe. Just don’t choose jeans that is very skinny from bottom and thighs because it may cause you look like sausage, bit closer tight from thighs and much skinny till ankle.  I will prefer these jeans for men with slim legs.


  1. Moto Jeans :

These are not much stretchable jeans, Thick fabric with solid bottom. These jeans are also known as bikers denim. It gives that rough ribbed look which we found in any biker pant. So its going popular in 2017. It goes with dark shade shirts or biker t-shirts.


  1. Crop Jeans :

I seriously don’t know how these jeans are in running trend. These jeans are loose from thighs and length is just above ankle. It will also help you to show off your shoe. It goes with T-shirts.


  1. Joggers Jeans :

You will get it by its name why these jeans named as jogger jeans. It was very popular in the end of 2016 and still hitting 2017. It looks like a track pant but the fabric is of denim with elastic design at the bottom which is also ankle length. It goes with T-shirt or dropped armhole and  gym tanks.


  1. Ripped Jeans :

Last but not the least Ripped Jeans are hitting the fashion trends in all over the world. I’ll suggest not to spend too much to buy these jeans. Coz its all about changing trends. Over all its gives funky look. One will look handsome with shirt, boots and ripped jeans.


These are top 6 trends of denim, I hope guys you like this article. Do not forget to like , share and follow if you truly like it.


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