1. Dry mascara

Ahah.. don’t throw your dry mascara out just b’coz you think it’s useless.

1)  You can renew it by adding few drops of eye lenses solution. Few drops means 4-5 drops only, put it for an hour and start using your brand new mascara.

2)You can use castor oil or olive oil if eye lenses solution is not there.


One thing to note down is the life of mascara stays 8 months only. So if your mascara is dried before 8 months then only use this DIY. After all its all about your eyes.

2. Dry Eye Liner

  1. If you have gel eye liner and it became dry so just pour that liner box into warm water for 10 mins. Make sure the lid of liner is tightly closed.
  2. You can add hair serum or foundation primer to your liner. Add 2-3 drops of any and mix it properly, you will get smooth gel liner back.



  1. Dry broken powder products

Powder products includes press powder, eye shadows, bronzers, shimmers or blushers etc.

Suppress the broken powder in its own container , add rubbing alcohol in it as per required, put it for 10 mins then if the powder still has broken ends , repeat the process. After 10 mins put tissue paper on it and suppress with some flat base container over the tissue paper. Your product  is ready to use again.


You can get 70% rubbing alcohol from medical stores.

  1. Dry lipstick

Your favourite shade and it become useless, do not worry… We girls are very selective about our lipshades. So here is the solution.

Cut off your lipstick in a bowl, mash it properly. Make sure the lipstick is being fully mashed. Now add primer into this, mix it well. Pour this mixture in an injection (pour it from behind) . Take an empty lipgloss container. Put this mixture into this container through injection and the lip stick is ready to use as lipgloss with the same shade.



I really hope this article will solved your half of the problems regarding your makeup products. Soon I will be back with some new and interesting hacks. Till then renew your dry & broken make-up products and be dazzling everyday. Do not forget to like , share and subscribe.. see yaa….


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