Going for shopping and getting confused what to shop!!! So here is the solution. Presenting LATEST TRENDS OF 2017. This will definitely gonna help you out in your shopping. Check your Wardrobe and see what’s missing in it. Below are 16 latest trends which has been following by celebrities also.

  1. Go Pink :

Pink was very popular in 2016 and it’s still running color in 2017. This delicate color means a feminine and playful color. Pink just make you look younger , more fresh. It includes mix and match textures like magenta, pastel pink , baby pink, dark pink etc..


  1. Oversized Sleeves:

This sleeves is also include statement sleeves, which are longer than your hands. You can get these kind of sleeves with lots of different textures.


  1. Fishnet Tights :

Fishnet stocking or tights whatever says got very much popular at 2016’s end. These tights can be wear under stripped jeans or hot shorts or below one piece dress. This fishnet goes with shoes or heels as per attire.


  1. Army Pants :

Army pants still popular in 2017. It can be wear with gunjees , hoodies, crop tops etc.


  1. Tracksuits :

I know its weird wering tracksuit as daywear but its in trend now-a-days. Tracksuit as daywear, its gonna work with heels. It looks great and tracksuit is one of the comfortable outfit to go out and spend a whole day at.


  1. Embroidered Patches :

The long big patches are in trend. Embroidered patches on denim Jackets or Jeans. It gives a very cool and funky look.


  1. Baseball Capes :

You may observe so many celebrities wearing baseball capes as in their regular attire. All sorts of capes. They look so cool on some people and whom doesn’t they go with big eye shades. You can try them out. Specially in summer.


  1. Hoodies with Slogan :

Most comfy top amongst all. Its 2017 all about our comfort. Hoodies specially with slogan are in trend.


  1. Full Length Jumpsuits :

Basically made for people like me, laziest… It’s the laziest dress from Wardrobe. It is so very comfortable and effortless style. Go with the full length jumpsuits as mini jumpsuits are out of trend. It will be more good looking if you wear any body con jumpsuit.


  1. Backpacks :

I saw so many celebrities carrying backpacks. I gathered some pictures of latest backpacks. Its all over in trend.


  1. Kitten Heels :Nude kitten heels are all over in trend , nude color goes with almost any color of dress. So if you going to buy any heels get nude color  kitten heels. It will work with any attire.


  1. Metallics :

It can be pink metal, gold metal or gray metal. Metallic is the new color, whether its jackets or pants or one piece dresses or gown. Even nail polish specially silver.


  1. Tulle :

Tulle and complex layering is all in fashion.


  1. Bralettes :

It looks cool wearing bralettes under netted tops or you can wear it as crop top , bralettes under jackets or shirts with open buttons. It gives basic looks.


  1. Off Shoulder :

One shoulder or both off shoulder body con dresses are in trend. It shows of your corner bones and it  look very sexy with an elegancy.


  1. Denim Dresses:

You can find them in almost every brand stores , its fully in trend. Looks very elegant and stylish. It work with white sneakers or ankle length boots or heels anytime.


Hope you girls like this post… Don’t forget to follow or share… Spread love spread Fashion… see You Soon with another fashionable post…


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