Last few years were registered as fashion changing years. So many new colors , new styles, new patterns , new fabrics , new designs got introduce in these years. My wardrobe since 2016  is full of  new dresses. Uffff!!  It  goes very difficult to decide when and what to wear. So after some study about trending fashion , got so many tips to serve you. Girls who are shopaholic  like me be ready to loose your pockets….

  1. Shirt dresses:

In 2017 shirt dresses seems very trendy. Long , short , with sleeves or sleeveless. Specially the shirt dresses with sea side strips are more liken by youths. One can wear this with gunjee inside and jeans following open buttons of shirt. It goes while at work or when you’re chilling out or it will look great if also you are wearing at evening . These are  some shirt dresses..


  1. Lace Attire:

Trust me this lace pattern is very much into trend. Whether  it’s lace top or short dress or an evening gown. It simply rocking the floor. Very elegant look wise and you can see skin from inside , it creates a lots of magic sexy feel in your looks . It can be wear with bikinis top or any skin color crop top or body hugging gunjee’s. With white jeans or blue jeans or wripped jeans. For specially with duskier skin tone , I think this kind of tops look really pretty.


  1. Bright Yellow :

The bright yellow is the new yellow.. The trend in 2017 is of brightest of yellows. No matter what skin tone you are , it will be always glowing you. Yellow includes long evening gown or one piece dress or yellow shorts or jeans. Example – one can wear yellow jeans with white shirt and white sneakers… Bright yellow must be there in your wardrobe in 2017. Funky and beautiful yellow….


  1. Khaki :

This color also seen to much in 2016 and I think it will be continuing in 2017 also. This is one of the happening color, khaki is going really big color for 2017. There are so many options if we are finding something in khaki i.e. khaki trousers , shorts , khaki color hoodies or top , khaki color boots with trench coats or tweed jackets. One can wear khaki color trench coat with khaki boots and denim leggings.


  1. Trench coats and capes:

Nothing new to tell this , I know…. Its all over in trend the trench jackets and the capes. It would be done in silks, cotton, windcheater fabric. You can get it at  every brand and at every cost. Trench jacket or cape with crop top inside and leggings with high shoes  seek  everyone’s  attention around you .


This are few trends.. For more stay connected with Fashion with Passion…


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